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  1. Andre,

    I saw your ‘Following a destiny of wine’ article in the Advertiser eons ago and meant to contact you. The article just surfaced in my pile. What are you guys up to? I’m still swilling cheap sparklers & Prosecco.


    • Hello Donna,
      What a pleasant surprise. It’s nice to hear from you. Aint no shame in cheap Prosecco and sparklers; as long as your drinking something. Susan and I just moved to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. Still trying to stay on course with following that destiny of wine. I’m glad you found the blog. We miss your baked goods. Please do keep in touch Donna. — Aloha Andre & Susan

  2. Aloha Andre! It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’m doing my best to keep up with your speedy reviews. First off, congratulations on your relocation to SFO! I’m quite jealous as access to wine is amazing there. I love BevMo and the occassional two-buck chuck. I wish you both all the best and we regret not getting together over wine. Cheers and mahalo for keeping my palate tantalized!

    • Hey Kalani,
      Thanks for coming back to the blog. Life is busy for most of us, so I understand that visitng the blog sometimes falls to the wayside. Just don’t let it happen too often; kidding of course. I just appreciate that you make an effort to visit as often as possible. Thanks for the congrats on our move. We are both very excited at what lies ahead for us here in the bay area and look forward to keeping people like you updated about the wine adventures that await us. It was good to hear from you again Kalani.

  3. Aloha Andre, hope all is well with you and Susan. Just wanted to pick your brain. I’ll be in the San Luis Obispo area the end of this month for just 3 days attending a cousin’s wedding. Any suggestions on wineries to visit? Again, thank you for your reviews of amazing summer wines, perfect! Cheers!

    • Hey Kalani,
      Its been awhile, good to hear from you! You know I haven’t been to the Paso Robles/San Luis Obispo wine country yet, so teh wineries I’m going to recommend are based solely on what I know about their wines through my tasting experiences. As far as the actual tasting room experience, you’ll have to check out each winery’s website. I think some of them may be by appointment only. I’m not sure what your price ranges are, but these are a mix of all levels I think:

      Four Vines
      Linne Calodo
      Claiborne & Churchill
      Talley Vineyards
      Lone Madrone
      Tablas Creek

      Many of these wineries are Rhone-centric in their production, so take a look around their websites to see if their selections are what you are looking to taste. Let me know when you’re done looking over everything. -Aloha – Andre

      • Mahalo Andre for the wealth of information for SLO. I’m especially intrigued with Linne Calodo, Lone Madrone and Tablas Creek. I’ve never tried any of these…yet. Thank you for the leads. Any pointers on gems not-to-be-missed? Again, thank you for your time and considerations, I sincerely appreciate your recommendations. All the best to you and Susan! Salud!

      • You’re very welcome Kalani! “Problem Child” and “Sticks” at Linne Calodo should not be missed. Make sure to check with them as far as visiting the winery. They might require an appointment. Cheers and have fun in Paso Robles.

  4. Aloha Andre! Picking your brain again. Serving escargot en croute this Saturday as an appetizer. Any ideas on French wine (~$15-20 range) to pair with? I’m thinking a nice Chardonnay to clean the butter/garlic palate would be nice. Curious what you think. Mahalo!

    • Kalani,
      Right on! I’m thinking the white burg would be a perfect match as well. In that price range, I think the Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne would pair up nicely. Its usually available around town. I think a Pouilly Fuisse from Denogent would go well too. I think their bottlings are priced in the $20 to $30 range though, so a little higher, but oh so good. LaRoche also does a chardonnay ($10 – $15) from the Languedoc region that’s pretty solid. Sorry to get back to you late things have been a little hectic around here. Let me know how everything goes. Looks like you had a great time in Paso.

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