A Case of Provisions – Kermit Lynch Wines for the Home

LynchCaseI’m a little behind in my posts, but slowly catching up, so this picture is what we came home with a couple of weeks ago.  We are just about finished with the case, so the next consecutive posts will for the most part be the wines from this particular case.

The provisions we procured here represent our first visit to the Kermit Lynch store in Berkeley as new residents of the Bay Area.  I’ve been looking forward to this visit even before we left Hawaii, as I knew that one of the important requirements for furnishing our new digs would be a case of Lynch wines for our every day drinking pleasure.

Most of these wines are rustic dry wines that pair well with very simple weekday fare.  Not to say that these can’t pair well with complex dishes, because they certainly can.  The beauty of their flexibility is that they’re great for people who are pantry and spice cupboard challenged like us, where all we have is salt and pepper; for now at least.


Update – Sorry for no posts…

I apologize for no posts as of late.  We’re moving states in three days (San Francisco here we come!) so we’ve been slightly busy.  I haven’t stopped tasting wines though, I’ve only stopped writing about them briefly.  I’ll be back online soon with more reviews.

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of what I’m leaving behind.

Me looking out one last time at the place I've called home all my life.  Why am I leaving again?  Oh yeah, for wine.

Me looking out one last time at the place I've called home all my life. Why am I leaving again? Oh yeah, for wine.

State of the Wine Industry 2008-2009 – Silicon Valley Financial Grouup

I love reading reports on specific sectors of the economy.  It’s a big reason why I became interested in the stock market early on in my life and why I decided to major in finance and investments in college.    Outside of showing up at an office every day and collecting a paycheck every fifteen days, the stock market seemed like the next simplistic enough concept to make money.  Buy low, sell high right?  Well, kind of.  It still takes some effort and work into researching the right picks and its this research process that gets really gets me excited about the stock market.  I just love information.

I just finished reading a report on the wine industry that fans of information may enjoy reading.  If you have boring job, a few hours to kill at your desk, love reading information about how your wine gets to you, or if you just love looking at charts and analyzing statistics, then check out this report.  It’s entitled “State of The Wine Industry” and is an annual report published by the Silicon Valley Financial Group.

The report is 25 pages, and may take some time to get through everything, so read just page 2 for a summary of the entire report.  From the summary you can just skip through to the sections of interest.  There’s great insight into the state of wine distribution in the country and how it’s evolving.  The report also examines the effects of digital social media (Twitter, Blogs, etc.) on winery marketing, which I find very intriguing partly because this blog is an example of it.

State of the Wine Industry

Just About Out of Wine

With approximately 40 days left here in the islands, give or take a couple of days since we haven’t bought our tickets yet, we are in the home stretch of our move.  Because we’ve been trying to edit our belongings to make the move easier and cheaper, we haven’t been purchasing much wine for home consumption of late.  Instead we’ve been drinking down what we have and making sure all we have left are our special bottles for transport.

We still need some vino though to get us through the final days, and it has to be a lot more affordable in price since we’re trying to save money.  Let’s see if I can find and put together a case of quality wine for $99 or less in the next day or so.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

Uniqueness in a Sea of Sameness – 2006 Anthill Farms Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley, California

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you probably already know that I enjoy Anthill Farms wines based on the number of reviews I’ve already written on them; this being the fourth one in the past five months.  I love them because they’re unique and have character like no other.  They probably won’t appeal to the masses, which is most likely what the proprietors were going for, but rather to enthusiasts who “get” what’s going on in the bottle.

anthillandersonpinotbackAnthill wines are immediately approachable in terms of either fruit or texture, depending on which wine your drinking, but they’re also built to age for those willing to wait for the rewards of stashing them away.

After drinking my latest Anthill wine, I was reminded of a short article I came across recently.  I’ve reprinted this article into today’s post from the blog of Harvey Steiman of Wine Spectator.

Harvey reflects about the across the board quality of today’s wines, and how producing a sound, clean and drinkable wine is no longer an accomplishment.  With today’s vineyard management practices, modern day equipment and cellar management and winemaking practices, produce a “good” wine is expected.  Wines must show some sort of unique and inherent quality and falvor profile in order to set them apart from the crowd.  Anthill Wines accomplishes this goal of making a quality wine with unique attributes.  Here’s the article with my review of the Anthill Anderson Valley Pinot Noir to follow:

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