Harvest 2012!

I often equate wine to the ice cream business. Do you ever see anyone looking somber or unhappy as they’re licking an ice cream cone? Ever see frowns in an ice cream parlor? Chances are, you haven’t. Same thing goes for those who imbibe with wine daily or scan the shelves in a wine shop with great joy and excitement, looking for the next exciting discovery.

Assuming that one is not already involved in the winemaking and production side of the business, every wine industry professional that’s been in the business long enough explores the notion and dreams of someday making their own wine. Why wouldn’t we? The majority of us pursued a career in the wine business for the pure passion and joy one can reap from learning, drinking, sharing and exploring wine. Let’s face it; it’s also a great mood enhancer.

It’s amazing how strong the pull is for many people to pursue a career in wine. I mean I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met in the industry who went to school for something completely unrelated to wine. In fact, it’s not uncommon to meet someone who left a stable job and career they spent years and really, a lifetime educating and preparing for, only to leave and find work in the wine business; and often for far less pay. The only logical explanation for someone transferring to an industry where Mother Nature holds your livelihood hostage year after year is that we are all crazy. Why, why, why do we do it? Simple — it makes us (me) happy!

I’ve been in the business now for about seven years now and at this point; I’m definitely a lot more serious about the prospect of making wine. Once this idea of a possible career track in wine production became a little more real for me, the next logical step was to partake in a harvest internship. This is exactly what I did this past harvest-2012. In the coming weeks, I’ll recap my experiences and the many aspects of what I learned during my time at Roar Wines. Until then, thank you for reading!

Me crushing it during a routine punch down.

Me crushing it during a routine punch down.


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