2012 Atrea (Saracina) Rose – Skidrose

Flavors – Very fruity and juicy, but still pretty focused and clean with ripe flavors of strawberries and watermelon

Nose – The aromas echo the flavors

Price – $15

Overall Impressions – I’ve never been very fond of roses fashioned from malbec and while I don’t hate them, I don’t love them either.  They tend to be clunky and UN-interesting, which very well could be more of an issue of me just not having the right one.  This Altrea though, is enough to change my mind and compel me to be a little more open to the varietal.  This wine highlights for me based on this past experience, just how important a grape’s place of origin and production method affects the final product.  Nothing like a wine like this to keep my open-mindedness and taste in check.  In fact, let this be a lesson to all wine consumers out there — Keep an open mind!




3 thoughts on “2012 Atrea (Saracina) Rose – Skidrose

    • Mark
      Thanks for pointing out the lack of a price in this post. I just added the price for this wine as well as the prices for the two previous roses. As far as the wine making venture goes, still in its infancy for sure. It’s my hope that the blog will be the place to document everything from idea conception to an actual product launch and everything in between. Thanks for coming along for the ride. It will be fun!

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