Domestic California Rose Mini Research Project

As I embark on a journey to create my own wine, I find myself at the portion of the business start up phase containing the least amount of stress and the most amount of fun – Market research!

I’m finding that the initial difficulties at this stage of the game are deciding what type of wine I eventually want to make.  I know for certain that it will be a small endeavor in the beginning – an artisan label and operation of sorts.   Enjoying certain types of wine for pure consumer pleasure is one thing, but deciding what to make on a commercial level is another; so many factors to consider.  I love California Pinot Noir, but do I necessarily want to enter a very competitive varietal field?  I don’t know yet.

Research Goal

To kick things off, for the next week or so, I will look for and purchase from retail shelves only, 3 – 5 California roses at a variety of price points and producers.  With every wine, I will consume at home with our nightly dinner and follow up with a tasting note post.  At the end of the mini research project, I will summarize how the entire tasting experience affected me and how it might possibly affect any future business and creative decisions.

As you can see, I’ve already started the project this past Sunday…tasting note on my first selection to follow soon.

Rose section at Whole Foods Portrero Hill.  In what has become a common theme on the shelves of most retailers, most of the roses offered are of the imported variety versus domestic.

Rose section at Whole Foods Potrero Hill. In what has become a common theme on the shelves of most retailers, most of the roses offered are of the imported variety versus domestic.


3 thoughts on “Domestic California Rose Mini Research Project

  1. Hey Andre,

    Will you make a rose that is attempting to replicate a Bandol or Provence style or one that reflects California terroir and fruit. While it is great to be artistic, you really want to make one that people will enjoy and buy with enthusiasm. All these California winemakers trying to emulate the French while ignoring their own personality. So exhausting. If they want to make French style wines why don’t they move there. The ROAR wines are all California and they make no bones about it. That is why they sellout consistently. How about a Rhone style blend or even Bordeaux blend. Those grapes seem to be somewhat easy to obtain. Just saying!!!

    • Hello Mark

      You make some very good points Mark. I think that is the great thing about the wine business; there is a style for everyone. We are lucky to have so many winemakers and proprietors in the business who are crafting their own interpretations of what a wine should reflect, whether its an emulation of a style of wine from another region or a pure reflection of the “terroir” in which the grapes were grown. I have great examples of both and your right, ROAR wines are a purely California and they many fans, myself included that love the wines. At this point I am open to anything, no matter where the grapes come from. I just want to make something that not only I, but more importantly, consumers will enjoy! Thanks for your comments again and it’s good to see you.

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