Hello, my name is Andre and this blog will focus on my assorted and broad-ranging experiences with wine.  Whether it’s a bottle of wine I had at home, a restaurant food and wine experience or my general reflections on the industry, you’ll be sure that what you’ll see in this blog are my honest and unabashed musings.

Blog Mission:

This blog is here to provide recommendations of wine I personally taste as well as provide information on various topics related to wine.  It is my hope that through this blog, you will walk away armed with just a little more cool info than you had before your first visit.  Before you can show off to your friends though, you have to visit the site regularly.

Wine Credentials:

(CSW) Certified Specialist of Wine

The People’s Wine Shop — Former Owner & Operator

Vinfolio — Former Buyer-Domestic Wines

Life After The Retail Store:

I have a genuine obsession with all things wine.  That obsession eventually led to my taking the plunge and opening up my very own retail store and while the business didn’t exactly pan out, the obsession lives on.

This is what this blog is all about.  It’s a continuation of the obsession, the dream and the passion, sans the stress and pressure of course, of silly things like bank loans, business debts and 16-hour days.  Now I can focus my time on what truly makes this business and industry exciting for me; exploring wine from the many regions, producers and varietals available to us.

One of the components of the mission statement from our store was that we wanted you to: “allow us to do the taste-test drinking, so you wouldn’t have to do the thinking.”  With that in mind, let this blog be your guide to the exciting and yes, sometimes-scary world of wine.



14 thoughts on “About

  1. Love that your still obsessing. Call me when you’re on your way out or at home doing your next tasting. I’m in!

  2. Andre. Thanks for your piece in the HA. If it wasn’t for your picture, I would not have recognized you. A friend and I (the ones that were thinking of opening a wine bar, recall?) are still feeling the loss of your shop closing and mostly trying your wines under $10 that exposed us to so many Spanish gems. It’s nice to see your passion for wine lives on! Thanks for your Australian Primivito review. We loved the Layer Cake Shiraz and quite frankly was suspicious of the change. Thanks for clarifying. We’re currently starting a Claret phase. Loving the St. Francis and Ford Coppola ones…any more suggestions? Your blog is now in my favorites and I plan on visiting often. Cheers & Happy Holidays!

    • Hello Kalani,
      Yes I definitely remember you guys! Evil Cabernet, Spanish values, yes it’s all coming to me now. Hope some day you guys follow through on opening a wine bar. You can never have too many of those around Hawaii.

      Great call on the St. Francis and Coppola clarets. Those two are some of the better, more accessible and value driven clarets on the market today. Look out for an upcoming post that will feature a set of value wines for these sucky economic times. For now though, if you haven’t already tried the Roogle series of wines from Australia, they’re tremendous values that’s worth seeking out. In fact, there are many wines from The Grateful Palate portfolio (Where the Roogle wines come from) in the under $20 range that are great value busters.

      Thanks for your comments and I look forward to hearing from you again.


  3. Mahalo Andre for the Ant Hill Farms and Roogle suggestions (we’ve tried the latter and love it!; their riesling isn’t bad either). Besides being an awesome value, these bottles sport a cool look like you’ve mentioned. I totally agree that what catches the eye can make or break a selection. Which is exactly the way I stumbled upon Green Lion Merlot (& Cab). Funky is all I have to say. Somewhere inspired between the Age of Aquarius and The Grateful Dead. Reminiscent of my love for LP album covers (when music was art and vice versa). I like to rub the raised surface of the lion in hopes a genie will grant me a bottomless bottle. Bottom line, it brought excitement back to Merlot! Andre, thanks for remembering us…yes, love the Evil Cab. The wine bar is very much a wanted dream, however elusive in this economic conundrum. We traveled to Chile in August on a wine escapade in search of the carménère grape and its origins. Among all of our amazing experiences, the city of Valparaiso made a serious impression with it’s UNESCO World Heritage mystique and burgeoning restaurant/cafe scene. An easy fit for a wine bar. Perhaps our wine bar, ha! Keeping the dream alive I guess. Thanks for keeping with yours. I eagerly await your recommendations. Salud!

    • Hello T J Loo –
      Thank you for your reply. Great idea. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place. I’ll do the best I can, going forward, to cite my wine recommendation sources. Aloha.

  4. Andre, just wanted to wish you and your family a safe and joyful holiday. May the spirit of the season bless you throughout the new year. Cheers!

  5. Aloha and welcome back Andre! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip with many exciting new recommendations! A small group of friends have organized a theme dinner/wine pairing social for a few years now. We wanted to include you and Susan into the loop. We’ll probably start things up this year in February. If this sounds like fun to you folks, drop me a line at kalanic@earthlink.net and we could chat details off blog. Welcome back and Happy New Year!

    • Hey Richard,
      Thanks for visiting.

      Why yes, I am currently on Oahu. Born and raised. Have you lived in HI in the past?


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