Why The Grape Crusader?

Why should a reader care about what I have to say? – Because I love the wine industry.  My entire wine career has been spent on the retail side of the business.  I love the retail side of wine, because it satisfies two things that make this business fun for me – Discovery and Sharing.  I love seeking out new wines, as much as l do tasting the same ones over and over again, with every new vintage.  I enjoy analyzing wines and sharing my evaluations with readers, or in the case of my past experience with The People’s Wine Shop, selling them to my customers.

I’m also always interested in a winery’s history and background.  There’s always another story besides profit, behind the starting of a winery and I love to seek it out, because the stories often inspire me.  “Selling” wine to people comes very naturally to me and is really a by-product of my enthusiasm for the business more than anything.  So there you go!  I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and consider me one of your resources for wine recommendations.


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