2012 Vaughn-Duffy Rose

Flavors –  Strawberries, roses and watermelon

Nose – Fresh, lovely, pretty, ethereal, and any other word you can think of that makes you want to plant flowers and write poetry

Price $15

Palate and overall impressions – A great rose that is right on the mark with price and return on pleasure.  Many roses I’ve had from California that are this light in color tends to lack in flavor and character.  In my experience, I’ve found that many consumers associate a light colored rose with quality — the lighter the better.  Well…I’ve had many roses that were light colored, but completely lacking in flavor and character.  Watery acid water if that makes any sense.  This was not the case as this wine was great.  The label is fun and modern, the story about the proprietors on the website makes you want drop everything you’re doing at the moment to run out and buy more of their wine and in fact, their story inspires you to even make wine yourself.  In fact, The Grape Crusader says the 2012 Vaughn-Duffy Rose is the feel-good wine of the year!




3 thoughts on “2012 Vaughn-Duffy Rose

  1. Was this a rose of pinot noir? Have you tried Julia’s Dazzle yet? It is a pinot grigio rose like wine that is 2% sangiovese. Yum!!!

    • Mark
      I corresponded with Sara Vaughn and found out that the wine is a combination of 65% Saignee of Pinot Noir and 35% Whole cluster pressed Syrah. The tech specs are actually on the website, which I should’ve checked first before asking, but oh well. I haven’t tried Julia’s Dazzle yet, but it sounds intriguing.

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