Quick Sip Wine Review – 2005 Domaine Weinbach “Cuvee Theo” Riesling, Alsace, France

There are few white wines that need to “open up” or aerate in order to make it more drinkable.  I know white wines flavors evolve over the course of an evening, but as far as expression of fruit, you can usually catch it with a white wine immediately after opening it.  With this 2005 Domaine Weinbach Cuvee Theo Riesling, time and air were needed, in order for this wine to breath.

On the nose were some of the smells of petroleum, mineral and stone fruits.  In the mouth, wow!  There was a fair amount of concentration and intensity in the wine.

What a coincidence.  I did pick up some hints of orange rind in the wine.

What a coincidence. I did pick up some hints of orange rind in the wine.

Because the wine was fairly tight, it took a little time for it to open up before I started to notice hints of pepper, mineral, some herb, stone and the rind of various citrus fruits.  It was an unusual flavor profile that took you in many different directions from dry, to racy to dry again and then austerity on the finish.  It’s hard to explain.  I was very confused, in a good way, throughout the evening drinking this wine.

I know that Alsatian whites can be some of the most long-lived white wines in both the sweet and dry departments, so I get the sense that this wine will come together and make a little more sense with a few more years in the bottle.

I would have loved to have this wine with some sausages and any other types of cured products that hail from the Alsace region.  I read somewhere, and I’m sorry I can’t cite my sources, that Alsace has the most Michelin three starred restaurants per capita in the world or Europe?  Maybe someone can get back to me if they know the facts.  That’s pretty impressive.

I purchased the wine at the local retailer on sale for about $20.  I know it normally retails for around $35-$40, so I scored once again.


Weekly Under $20 Value Wine Pick – 2007 Marquis Philips Baby Roogle Riesling, Australia

Sorry, the bottle is actually black and not

Sorry, the bottle is standard black, and not printed in the jivey pattern depicted here

Winery: R Winery

Importer: Grateful Palate Imports

Bottling: 2007 Marquis Philips Baby Roogle Riesling

Region: Australia

Sub-Region: Western Australia

Estimated Retail Price: $9 – $12

Purchase Details: Leftover inventory form our now defunct store

Tasting Source: Had this during dinner while watching the best show ever, Top Chef Season 4!

Tasting Notes: On the nose are the familiar Aussie riesling aromas of a kind of synthetic, petrol smell; the one case where it’s o.k. to keep sniffing even if it smells like gas.  I’m thinking that the nose is why some people compare Aussie reislings with Alsace.  Tangerine, pineapple, necatarine, peach and various stone fruit are the flavors you get in the mouth.  Fairly dry, although I think there might be a little residual sugar in the wine, as evidenced by the ever so slightly sweet finish.  A little mouth-watering with a pretty decent and lasting finish. Continue reading