2009 Regis Bouvier Marsannay Clos du Roy

It may be more of a product of my search and discovery process more than the region’s wines themselves, but I usually have a hard time finding good, affordable Burgundy that tastes downright delicious. Sure, I’ve tasted a few Premier and Grand Crus along the way that were absolutely stunning, but most often wines I’ve tasted in this arena are way out of my price arena and are usually not “ready” to drink anyway. I want something that I can easily swipe off a retail shelf or order by the glass in restaurant, like this glass. 

Fresh, balanced, lush, perfumed and spicy are just a few of the words to describe this awesome glass of 2009 Regis Bouvier Marsannay Clos du Roy.  I had this past Saturday evening at Spruce restaurant in San Francisco. This was the kind of Burgundy that makes me ecstatic when I find it.  Because I tend to come across more insipid, drying and frankly, unexciting Burgundies on restaurant BTG lists and retail shelves, stumbling upon this one made me, hmmmm….smile?

I know, not the best picture, but just wanted to make sure that you saw that this review was legit.

The importer of this wine is Kermit Lynch, so I’m not surprised at the quality and individuality of this wine.  Any retailer carrying a handful of Kermit’s wines will be a good bet and good starting point in tracking this wine down.  Of course, if you live in San Francisco or the East Bay, you can easily pop your head in Kermit’s shop in Berkeley.


One thought on “2009 Regis Bouvier Marsannay Clos du Roy

  1. Had this wine at Chow on Church and Market in San Francisco and LOVED it. Took a pic and can’t wait to buy more…

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