The Grape Crusader Has Moved

We apologize for not being more consistent with the posting of our wine reviews in the past month or so.  I’ve been busy juggling my search for a day job while also making changes to my night job by setting up a new home base for this blog.

With that, here is the new url and web address for The Grape Crusader blog.

You’ll see a few aesthetic changes to the blog, but not much, for now at least.  The biggest change and the main reason why I’ve switched to a different platform is that our new home now allows us to place advertisements on the blog.  The blog is definitely a labor of love and a hobby for us, and all we expect from any advertising revenue we receive are resources to support our..ahem..sipping habits, which in turn provide you, our loyal readers with these independent wine reviews.

We’ll be doing our best to minimize the advertising clutter so the content, not the ads are what stand out on the front page.

I do hope you continue to read and enjoy the wine reviews and we appreciate your continued visits to the The Grape Crusader blog.


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