19th Annual Family Winemakers Tasting – Sunday, August 23, 2009

FamilyTasting_09In less than two weeks, the largest public wine tasting event in California, sponsored by the Family Winemakers of California, will be held at the Fort Mason Center on Sunday, August 23rd.  This is a treat and opportunity you don’t want to miss.

The Family Winemakers of California is a great organization.  Their mission is to be the the voice and advocate for small wine producers so they can be heard in public policy decisions.  As a past small business owner myself, I can’t tell you how important it is to have organizations like these advocating for you.

The event itself is an impressive display of the best that the California wine industry has to offer.  The wines from these producers are the products of artistry, creativity, blood, sweat, tears and all the things that make a small business what it is.  In addition to tasting the wines, you’ll get an opportunity to meet many of the winemakers and proprietors who are the faces of these wineries.

When we attended this event last year, it was our first ever public wine tasting event we attended in San Francisco, or in any city for that matter.  While there were several tasting events in Hawaii, there were no such events available to the public; only for trade members, which fortunately we were lucky to be a part of.  What a dream; we now have countless number of public wine tasting events at our disposal and we’ll be making sure to take advantage of our new found zip code.

Tickets are cheaper in advance, so hurry up and commit to the 23rd, so you can save yourself what is costs you to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge in one day.

19th Annual Family Winemakers Public Tasting 2009
Sunday, August 23
3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Fort Mason Center
Herbst Pavilion

$50 in advance, online
$60 at the door

Make sure your belly is full and you’re fully hydrated prior to the event.  In fact make sure to stay hydrated throughout the event.  If you’re not too self-conscious of yourself, spit, dribble, drool or do whatever you need to do in order to make sure you minimize your intake of wine throughout the day.  You’ll thank yourself after wards.


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