Wine Review – 2007 Domaine de Reuilly “Les Pierres Plates” Reuilly, Loire Valley, France


"REUILLY" from the Loire, not "RULLY" from Burgundy.

Winery: Domaine de Reuilly

Bottling: 2007 Reuilly Les Pierres Plates (Sauvignon Blanc)

Importer: Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Region: France

Sub-Region: Reuilly, Loire Valley

Estimated Retail Price: $20

Purchase Details: Purchased for around $19.95 directly from Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants in Berkeley.

Tasting Notes: Pale straw in color with fresh and lively aromas of green apple, mineral and flint.  In the mouth, tangy flavors of green guava, lime, and grass with mineral on the finish.  A very green, herb driven flavor profile.  Crisp, crunchy, mouth puckering acidity and a lean mouth feel.

Food Pairing & Context in Which to Enjoy: This is a great wine to start the evening and prime your palate with before taking on heartier wine and fare.

Winery & Other Background Information: This appellation always throws me for a loop, and I’ll tell you why.  I bought this bottle thinking it was going to be a white Burgundy (chardonnay).  When we had the wine a few days later, I was wondering why it tasted like a sauvignon blanc and nothing like the chardonnay I was expecting.  I just thought, “cool, very interesting flavor profile for a white burg.”

Right before writing this review I looked up some information on Reuilly, and realized that it’s the REUIILY in the Loire and not the RULLY from the Cote Chalonnaise in Burgundy!  Look how close they are in spelling!  Now it all makes sense.

Sometimes I think only one of these appellations exist and that whatever spelling is in my head at the time, that’s the one that represents both regions.  Some days its Reuilly other times its Rully, but for some reason I still can’t get it straight in my head that they’re two distinct regions.


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