Wine Review – 2007 Domaine des Tours Vin de Pays de Vaucluse, Rhone Valley, France

Winery: Domaine des ToursDesToursFront

Bottling: 2007 Vin de Pays de Vaucluse (Grenache, Cunoise, Syrah, Cinsault, Merlot & Dious)

Importer: Martine’s Wines

Region: France

Sub-Region: Southern Rhone Valley, France

Estimated Retail Price: $18

Purchase Details: Purchased for around $18 and change from Arlequin Wine Merchant, in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco.

Tasting Notes: In the glass, a soft, pretty red hue.  On the nose, lavendar, garrigue and cranberries.  On the palate, flavors of lavendar, red cherries, cranberries, more garrrigue, spice and a mineral tinged finish.  The wine was of a medium-bodied weight, had velvety tannins and a very silken and caressing finish that lasted about 24.8 seconds.

This wine’s pillowey texture reminded me of another wine I had from another estate, Chateau Rayas La Pialade Cotes du Rhone, which is also owned by the same proprietor Emmanuel Reynaud.  In fact, the standout feature of this wine has to be its seductive pinot noir like texture.  I don’t recall ever drinking a wine with a texture like this, except for the La Pialade Cotes du Rhone from the same estate.

DesToursBackFood Pairing & Context in Which to Enjoy: The Domaine des Tours Vin de Pays de Vaucluse is excellent on it’s own.  I’d hate for anything to impede ones’ enjoyment of such a wonderful texture.

Winery & Other Background Information: Domaine des Tours falls under the Reynaud Family’s umbrella of estates that includes Chateau de Fonsalette and Chateau Rayas.

The portfolio of wineries are run by Emmanuel Reynaud, a third generation family winemaker.  The estate itself is old and rustic, with the only modern update over time was the lining of the insides of the cement fermentation vats with corrosion proof epoxy.  The wines are still aged in large, ancient wood vats or “foudres” that are 80-100 years old.  The vats themselves were bought by Reynaud’s grandfather, who already purchased them as secondhand!

What I’ve tasted so far from these estates has been ethereal.  Historically, the wines have been known to be idiosyncratic even by Southern Rhone standards, and every vintage, whether good or bad, the wines taste genuine.


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