Wine Review – 2005 Pahlmeyer Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Sonoma, California

Winery: Pahlmeyer WinesPahlmeyerPinotNoir

Bottling: 2005 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Region: California

Sub-Region: Sonoma Coast

Estimated Retail Price: $110

Purchase Details: A generous friend opened this bottle up as part of a going away party for Susan and I.  Thanks good friend!

Tasting Notes: On the nose this wine had a very aromatic aromas of strawberries, earth and a little spice.  The color was a much lighter maroon color than the Oregon pinot we just had.  In the mouth, the wine had pretty strawberry, raspberry and grapey, blueberry-like fruit.  Taut tannins and a firm structure led me to believe this 2005 could use at least another year in the bottle.  Overall, a very elegantly styled pinot noir with a medium-long finish.
The telling thing about this wine was that the Evening Land Pinot Noir we consumed right before was almost 1/3 the price, but yet I felt that it was built better than the Pahlmeyer.  This upsets me a little, because I do admire Pahlmeyer wines a lot, so tasting a wine before that was a lot cheaper relatively speaking, but was equal or even better in construction definitely gave me pause.

Food Pairing & Context in Which to Enjoy: Although the wine was firm, there was still an air of delicacy to the overall mouth-feel of this pinot noir.  I would make sure to pair dishes that are also delicate in nature.  I’ll leave the “delicate” interpretation to all you home chefs out there.

Winery & Other Background Information: This is definitely a high-end winery whose wines seemed more cult-like in the early days, but now have more of a sense of attainability in the world of the consumer.  Pahlmeyer makes their flagship proprietary red, a merlot, a pinot, and several chardonnays that command some pretty serious prices ($60 – $125).

They also make Jayson versions of all their wines, except the merlot, that are meant to be an entrée into their more serious lineup.  I’ve had all at some point and find the Jaysons to be a good value relative to the prices of their regular lineup.


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