Weekly Under $20 Value Wine Pick – 2006 Forte Canto Salice Salentino, Puglia, Italy

ForteCantoSaliceFrontI remember a luncheon I attended a few years ago before we opened our shop for a well-respected importer of Italian wines.  We were tasting through a bunch of wines from the many various regions of Italy.  Many of them were good, solid and interesting wines.  The one wine that stood out the most though for me was a Taurino Salice Salentino from Puglia.

Many of us at the table were impressed by the wine and I distinctly remember hearing one of the reps say to himself softly, while looking at the glass, “this is my kind of wine.”  I remember having the same simultaneous feeling as he.  It was weird.  Ever since then, I’ve really loved Salice Salentino (grape: negroamaro) and felt that it was a wine with so much soul and personality.

The most recent one I’ve tried was a 2006 Forte Canto Salice Salentino.  It was wonderful.  It had  Salice’s characteristic wild berry, cherry and dusty, sun-baked fruit flavors.  A little herb, a hint of mineral and a surprising amiable acid structure that helped the wine lend itself well to pairing with food completed the wine.  This is a wine with a soulful, rustic and charming disposition.  Drink this with anything that’s edible.  Yes, its that food-friendly.

Another beauty imported by Small Vineyards Imports.  Paid $11.39 + tax for this at Tamura’s on Oahu.


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