Wine Review – 2007 Cambiata Albarino, Monterey, California

Winery: Cambiata WineryCambiataAlbarino

Bottling: 2007 Albarino

Region: California

Sub-Region: Monterey

Estimated Retail Price: $24

Purchase Details: Purchased by the glass for $12 at Alan Wong’s Restaurant on Oahu for Mother’s Day.

Tasting Notes: What a pleasure and treat it was to dine at one of Oahu’s finest fine dining establishments, Alan Wong’s Restaurant.  Dining there usually means that a meal filled with fresh seafood is in order.  I’m glad this 2007 Cambiata Albarino was offered by the glass, because I tasted it last year and was very impressed by it.

In the glass the wine possessed beautiful yellow, green straw colors.  Citrus, white stone fruits, racy acidity and a juicy texture were making my palate happy.  Although the wine was weighty and mega-concentrated, the wine never felt heavy or overpowering.

What a great accompaniment this wine was with the host of raw seafood dishes on the table.  The wine was nervy, alive and fresh.  What a nice wine!

Food Pairing & Context in Which to Enjoy: Any seafood, especially raw.  To quote winemaker Eric Laumann, “Albarino is singular, distinctive, delicious and worth sharing with your best friends.”

Winery & Other Background Information: After reading the introduction section on the Cambiata Wines website, it doesnt’ take much to see that winemaker Eric Laumann is passionate about his work. The two varietals he works with (albarino & tannat) are not garden-variety grapes you often see grown on U.S. soil, but he does an extraordinary job of crafting well-made, varietally correct U.S. versions.  They are delicious.

His wine making philosophy and desires are profound, sincere and clear,  “I didn’t want to set out to plant unfamiliar varietals but when the opportunity arose to plant this small vineyard I found myself drawn to working with varietals that I thought were intriguing and that were relatively unexplored in the U.S.  I wanted to also bring some new flavors to the wine enthusiast’s table.”

In addition to his albarino, I’ve had the pleasure to also taste his tannat.  They are both outstanding and delicious wines.  If you are a true wine enthusiast you must seek out his wines.


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