1993 Vina Albali Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon, Valdepenas, Spain

vinaalbaliI don’t have much access to older wine, and if I do, it’s usually wine that was obviously on closeout by the distributor.  The wine probably got lost in some cavernous warehouse over the years ago and was unearth during an annual inventory.  Next steps for the distributor and this surprise discovery?  Closeout sale to retailer or restaurant!

A friend of mine bought this through his restaurant, on close out of course as described above, and sold it to me for super cheap ($8).  Now 1993 is not a super old bottle by any stretch of the imagination, but its a lot older than what I personally have access to on a daily basis at the retail level.  The bottle was a Gran Reserva, so chances were better that this would have survived as long as it wasn’t stored in a hot environment.  If I remember right, the blend was a 80/20 mix of tempranillo-cabernet sauvignon.

In the glass, the wine had a light cherry, ruby looking color and was closer to the color of red rather than the brick red/orange you would normally associate with an older wine.  The smells coming from the glass were definitely the smells of an old underground, damp wine cellar with years of wine that have spilled on the floor and never completely dried.  Not a spoiled smell, just old.  The smells of leather, cedar, cherries and spice were also the flavors that were echoed in the mouth.

We were pretty happy with this bottle, especially since we paid only eight bucks for it.  If the wine was bad, it would’nt have been much of a loss either.  This was definitely a slurp-worthy wine that we enjoyed with some pizza and salad from Whole Foods Market.


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