State of the Wine Industry 2008-2009 – Silicon Valley Financial Grouup

I love reading reports on specific sectors of the economy.  It’s a big reason why I became interested in the stock market early on in my life and why I decided to major in finance and investments in college.    Outside of showing up at an office every day and collecting a paycheck every fifteen days, the stock market seemed like the next simplistic enough concept to make money.  Buy low, sell high right?  Well, kind of.  It still takes some effort and work into researching the right picks and its this research process that gets really gets me excited about the stock market.  I just love information.

I just finished reading a report on the wine industry that fans of information may enjoy reading.  If you have boring job, a few hours to kill at your desk, love reading information about how your wine gets to you, or if you just love looking at charts and analyzing statistics, then check out this report.  It’s entitled “State of The Wine Industry” and is an annual report published by the Silicon Valley Financial Group.

The report is 25 pages, and may take some time to get through everything, so read just page 2 for a summary of the entire report.  From the summary you can just skip through to the sections of interest.  There’s great insight into the state of wine distribution in the country and how it’s evolving.  The report also examines the effects of digital social media (Twitter, Blogs, etc.) on winery marketing, which I find very intriguing partly because this blog is an example of it.

State of the Wine Industry


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