Quick Sip Wine Review – 2005 Domaine des Baumard Coteaux du Layon, Cuvee Le Paon, Loire Valley, France

baumard3I normally don’t buy late harvest or dessert styled wines.  Not that I don’t enjoy them, because I’ve had many a heavenly Sauternes, Banyuls, Port and Beerenauslese, but you’ll never finish these bottles in one or even two sittings unless you’re throwing a dinner party for ten, or if you have a very voracious sweet tooth.  I know dessert wines can keep for a long time well their after opened, but they’re just not the same as first few days, so I’ve rarely committed to buying a bottle.

This time it was a little different with this Domaine des Baumard Coteaux du Layon Cuvee le Paon.  I’ve never tried a sweet wine from the Loire region and have always been curious about these long-lived bottles of liquid chenin blanc gold, so the timing couldn’t have been better when I saw this for sale at half the price of what it should be.  It was $25 instead of $50; a no brainer.  Also for you wine score whores, it received 95 points from Wine Spectator.  I admit, I’m seduced by numerical nu,bers assigned to the quality of a wine.

The color of the wine was light gold, and green and didn’t look as if it would taste of something sticky and sweet, but in the mouth, wow!  Racy acidity and lush fruit flavors of peach, litchee and mineral coated our insides.  This is truly a sublime wine that even serious drinkers who “don’t drink sweet stuff” would appreciate.  In fact, this is the kind of wine that should be the reason why you throw a dinner party and pair alongside some sort of foie gras dish or simply with gorgonzola cheese or some other stinky cheese.

The wine is imported by Ex-Cellars Wine Agency in California.  They have a pretty sweet-looking portfolio of estates they represent.


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