Wine Review – 2006 Anthill Farms Tina Marie Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, California

Winery: Anthill Farms Wineryanthilltinamariepinotfront

Bottling: 2006 Tina Marie Vineyard Pinot Noir

Region: California

Sub-Region: Russian River Valley, California

Estimated Retail Price: $39

Purchase Details: Purchased directly from the winery via their website for $39 + shipping

Tasting Notes: Up till now, we’ve drunk three different Anthill Farms wines; one syrah and two pinot noirs.  It was interesting because they all shared the same drinking qualities.  All the wines had smooth and soft tannins, but very tight and compact fruit that wasn’t quite developed yet.  The wines it seems, were crafted to be able to be drunk young, but also be put away in the cellar for the long haul if you wanted to.

This particular bottling from the Tina Marie Vineyard in the Russian River Valley had the same end result, but a different and reversed set of qualities than the previous Anthill wines we’ve consumed.  The tannins were taut and firm and the fruit was much more apparent than the other bottlings.

On the palate we tasted loads of strawberry fruit, along with flavors of roses and tea on the finish.  Even though there were way more tannins in this wine than the previous Anthill bottlings, there was still a quality of elegance and lightness.  Most of their wines in my memory, have come in at below 14% alcohol, which seems to be a rarity these days with California wines.  The lower alcohol levels seem to give the wine a little more finesse un-heaviness that I’ve been enjoying.


A shot of the unusual clear wax that takes the place of the standard foil cap

Food Pairing & Context in Which to Enjoy: We had this chinois faire, which was nice, but probably a little to nice for weeknight Chinese food.  What the heck, we bought two bottles anyway.  The wine has low alcohol, little new wood and a nice acidic structure making this a nice food-friendly wine.  Let’s see, how about a simple grilled salmon fillet, couscous with dried raspberries and wilted bitter greens to go with that pinot.

Winery & Other Background Information: I continue to be intrigued by this winery’s wines and what they’re trying to accomplish.  I think I mentioned in the past, that only time will tell how these wines will turn out with a couple of years of bottle age.  I guess for now, I’m going to have to keep purchasing them from the winery mailing list until I have a better idea of how they evolve over time.  I guess in a couple of years I’ll have a nice vertical of Anthill wines to draw from.


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