More Additions to the Blogroll

Here are two more blogs to add to the blogroll:

Do Bianchi – “Food and wine historian, Italian translator and rock musician Jeremy Parzen P.h.d created his blog “Do Bianchi” to offer readers a humanist perspective into the world of Italian food and wine.”  This is really a great blog.  The author of the blog chronicles his food and wine adventures in places like Italy, France California and New York.  In other words, the world’s culinary epicenters, in my opinion.  Great pictures and good, entertaining writing.  What more could you ask for in a blog?


Inspiring Thirst – Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants Blog – Of course this now one of my favorite blogs, by virtue of the importer being one of my favorite wine personalities.  The blog for Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants is great for keeping up to date with the many wine and food events that Kermit Lynch is involved with, hosting or taking part in throughout the year.  There’s loads of detailed, insightful information on the wines that were tasted at the events by all the staff members.  There’s also announcements on special sales at the shop that “Inspiring Thirst” blog readers and Kermit Lynch e-newsletter subscribers have first dibs on.


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