Quick Sip Wine Review – 2005 Bouchard Savigny Les Beaune, Burgundy, France

bouchardsavignyWe drank the 2005 Bouchard Savigny Les-Beaune a few days after we drank the 2005 Bouchard Monthelie, so we were looking forward to trying this Burgundy from a different commune.

This wine ended up being quite a contrast in style to the Monthelie.  While the Monthelie was soft, silky and velvety, the Savigny was a lot more firm, angular and muscular.  It took a long time for the wine to open up and actually was a lot more approachable on the second day.

The wine tasted of dark fruits like black cherries and plums and also had a tobacco like quality to it.  On the nose, I got a little bit of barnyard, funk and earth aromas.  Again, never an appealing choice of words to describe a wine, but nevertheless very spot on when you actually smell it.  The wine had some pretty rough tannins and gave it an almost chewy-like quality.  I think the bottle certainly needs a few more years in the cellar.

Again, I admit that my knowledge of Burgundy is a work in progress.  If you are unfamiliar with Burgundy, its raison d’etre and the rules that govern it, learn them and you will quickly understand why people are fascinated with this region.  The appellations and divisions that signify where each bottle comes from are so chaotic and confusing, but also so well organized and finely delineated, the information makes your head spin.  It’s this challenge to learn the information that is intriguing to me.

My suggestion to you if you want to start experiencing Burgundy, is to try wines from well-respected and reliable negociant houses like Bouchard, Louis Jadot and Joseph Drouhin.  I purchased this bottle on sale for about $20.  I believe regular retail prices for this come in at around $35.


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