Under $20 Value Wine Pick – 2007 Flama Roja Spanish White Wine, Tarragona, Spain

The wine is not clear, it's just an empty bottle.

Just to clarify, the wine is not clear, it's just an empty bottle.

The Flama Roja was an excellent white value we had from the Tarragona region of Spain.  I’ve seen only pictures of this beautiful area and can only dream about breathing in the fresh sea air from such a picturesque place.  I’d love to visit the region, but for now, sipping this wine is the closest I can get to an actual trip there.

This wine a nice surprise and more than just a “simple” pre-dinner white wine.  The nose was wonderfully aromatic and was akin to smelling potpourri made from white flowers.

In the mouth, the wine was bone dry and had a really nice, snappy finish.  Also on the palate were flavors of white peaches, stone and mineral.  The wine kind of reminded me of Argentinian Torrontes – very floral, not overly heady like a gewurztraminer or overripe viognier, and dry and snappy.  The wine was a blend of two grapes – 80% macabeo and 20% parellada.

For my fellow wine consumers on Oahu, my buddy who bought this for us paid approximately $13 for the wine at The R. Field Wine Co. on Beretania.  I felt that it was a solid value at that price point.  We sipped this with an appetizer of seared ahi belly on a bed of soba noodles, ponzu vinaigrette and cilantro.  It was as they say here in the islands, “broke da mouth!”

I can’t remember who the importer is and I can’t check the back of the bottle since I’ve already thrown it away.  I’ve searched the internet and can’t find any info on the wine.  Let me know if you have better success than me.


3 thoughts on “Under $20 Value Wine Pick – 2007 Flama Roja Spanish White Wine, Tarragona, Spain

  1. Aloha Andre !
    Good to find you here as I’m am sipping a corked (therefore lousy) Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc bought by my wife at Cosco. Due to the recession, I am afraid this flawed wine will end up in my stomach instead of the drain. What are you doing these days ? I will cc this post to the email you have on this blog.
    Vive la France et vive le Bordeaux !

    • Monsieur Ambouillit! Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you found us. Aw man, that sucks about the sauv blanc, but also funny that you’re still going for it because of the bad economy. Gotta do what you gotta do. A Sancerre would’ve been better, but I guess its hard to find one for the same price as a $12 kiwi version. Aloha and thanks for visiting Joel. Got your email and attached contact info.

  2. I own a wine store in upstate New York and just brought this Flama Roja in. I was able to try it with the salesman last week 06/06/2010 and truely enjoyed it. I sell it for $10.99. I don’t suspect it will alst very long.

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