Quick-Sip Wine Review – 2005 Bouchard Pere Monthelie, Burgundy, France

bouchardmonthelieI’ve never drunk a wine from the Monthelie commune of Burgundy, but from what I understand, it is one of the under-the-radar value regions in Burgundy.  This 2005 Bouchard Monthelie was part of a mixed case of wine I bought at an extremely low, closeout-like price.  Again, I was beside myself upon seeing the price in which this was listed, so I jumped at the opportunity to familiarize myself more with Burgundy on the cheap.

The color of the wine was a light and pretty, ruby hue.  On the nose were smells of fresh cherry, raspberry, spice and earth.  In the mouth, the wine had a refreshing sort of quality to it as well as a pleasing, caressing, lightly creamy and silken texture.  The delicateness and the layers of flavor and complexity in the wine were really appealing.

We drank this alongside an olive oil poached mahi filet, herb roasted potatoes and sauteed kale.  Our mouths and stomachs were happy.

In the eyes of consumers, mainly collectors, I know that negociant-bottled wines tend to not possess the same cachet as those grown and bottled by the domaine itself.  If you stick with good, reputable negociants though like Bouchard, Vincent Girardin and Joseph Drouhin, you can find some good values from the Burgundy regions; especially from lesser known communes and villages.


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