The Blog Roll & The Honolulu Advertiser Article

I just have a couple of updates for this Friday before we return to our normal wine review programming.

Here are couple of more wine blogs to add to the blogroll:

Fermentation:  The Daily Wine Blog – Tom Wark’s informative blog is very dialed in to the current wine happenings and goings on in the business.  He does a great job of covering the issues, offering his take and then analyzing how it affects businesses and consumers in the wine industry.

The Wine Whore – No, you don’t need to be aged 18 and over to view this blog.  I was introduced to this blog, as a result of the blog’s author choosing to become a “follower” of my updates on Twitter.  Thanks for the follow Wine Whore!  He/She cuts through the chase and states very honestly on the front page that the only way reviews can be accomplished is if wineries send samples to him/her.  Sounds like a good strategy.

My article:

When we had our retail store, I became involved as a columnist with the local newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser.  It was a great way to impart my knowledge about wine to the local market as well as add a few writing pieces to my professional resume.  It also didn’t hurt that it was great advertising for our store as well.  Although our business closed, I stayed on board, mostly to keep my mind sharp and in the game until I get to my next destination in the wine business (Please contact me if you’re looking to fill a position with a cool wine dude.  I’ll forward you my resume).  Click on this link to get to my most recently published article.


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