Weekly Under $20 Value Wine Pick – 2006 Line 39 Petite Sirah, Lake County, California

Winery: Cecchetti Wine Companyline39

Bottling: 2006 Line 39 Petite Sirah

Region: California

Sub-Region: Lake County

Estimated Retail Price: $9 – $11

Purchase Details & Tasting Source: Purchased for $9.99 + tax at Fujioka’s Wine Times on Oahu and guzzled with a nice home cooked meal by me.

Tasting Notes: I’m always a fan of the $10 and under bottle of wine.  Heck, we had an entire section devoted to wines in the $10 and under range when we had our store.  It will always be in my blood to look for wines that fall within this price range and I’m glad my under $10 radar locked in on this retailer recommended bottle.

As was expected from petite sirah, the wine was inky black and actually temporarily stained the inside walls of the wine glass every time I swirled it.  The nose was rich and full of dark berries and smoke.

I detected a slight hint of greenness on the first sip, but with a little bit of air, the greenness blew off.  Now I was able to thoroughly enjoy the remaining gobs of ripe fruit.  Boysenberry and blackberry and lots of it, were the dominant flavors swimming around in my mouth.

Although the wine had a lot of up-front fruit flavors, but there was still a decent finish on the wine.  I wish the wine had just a little more fleshiness and roundness in the mouth.  The tannins were very clean and pretty fine grained which is what made this such an enjoyable, no frills solid wine.

Overall I thought it was a great value and a pretty classy and sophisticated wine at the price point.

Food Pairing and Context in Which to Enjoy: This wine was perfect for our standard Wednesday night pork chops.  If you do the juicy steak thing on a weeknight, then this Line 39 Petite Sirah has that bovine’s name on it.  Overall, this is a great food wine as there is not a ton of oak to mask any of the pure fruit flavors present.

Winery & Other Background Information: The Line 39 Wines are produced by the Cecchetti Wine Co.  and were created to highlight the potential of the Lake County region.  They  also produce a cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc that like the petite sirah, comes from the Lake County appellation.  Bogle Petite Sirah’s run at the top for best, consistent petite sirah may be over.


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