Quick-Sip Wine Review – 2006 Bruno Giacosa Nebbiolo D’Alba Valmaggiore, Piedmont, Italy

I know the label is a little hard to see.  Ahh, the price you pay for a little mood lighting and ambience

I know the label is a little hard to see. Ahh, the price you pay for a little mood lighting and ambience

Bruno Giacosa is known for making fantastic Barolo and Barbaresco and while I’d give an arm and leg to try one of them, they’re currently too expensive for me, so I have to settle for his basic nebbiolo bottling.

I bought this over the Christmas holiday season of 2008.  It was a 2006 vintage bottling of a nebbiolo, so I was a little hesitant in opening it too soon.  Most nebbiolo tends to need a few years before they’re drinkable.  My impatience and curiosity overruled good sense though, but what the heck?

The color of the wine was prototypical young nebbiolo; red and so lightly colored, it was almost translucent.  The nose was actually barely perceptible, even after decanting for about an hour or so.  At this point, I was  kicking myself because I was already thinking that the wine was young and not yet ready to drink.

Once I took my first taste I realized that the wine indeed wasn’t ready to drink.  I got some hints of cherry and roses, but that’s about it.  The tannins were definitely in full effect and left that dry cotton mouth feeling commonly associated with gnarly tannins.  I should really start to purchase two bottles at a time of each wine I intend to really enjoy for situations like these.  Maybe next time.


New Format for Wine Reviews – “Quick-Sip Reviews”

I never thought we’d drink enough wines to post a review on a daily basis, but time has shown that we consume more than enough vino to post something every day.

Now the problem is that I always have a backlog of wines waiting to be reviewed and posted on the blog.  Compounding the problem even more, are my occasional long-winded wine reviews that keep me from posting things on time.

To help me be more consistent and to change things up a bit for readers like yourselves, I’ll continue to review wines in the same detailed way, but I’ll also post “quick-sip” reviews whose format won’t be as formal as the current one.  As always, I welcome your feedback on the content, format, etc. of my posts.  Thanks for your continued visits everyone.

– Andre