Grape Crusader Blogroll

For those of you who have been visiting my blog on a regular basis (thank you by the way), you’ve probably noticed that I don’t have a blogroll of links to other wine-related blogs and websites.  Maybe you’ve asked yourself “why doesn’t he have this integral component to a blog?”  It is usually standard practice to have them on a blog.  After all, one of the pillars of the the blogging universe is the sense of community and the sense of interconnection between blogs.

Maybe you haven’t noticed or just don’t care, and that’s ok too, but I thought I’d just quickly address the issue.  This is a new blog and I wanted to make sure that everything was running properly and that I knew what the heck I was doing before putting myself out in the blogosphere.  I guess the past couple of months have been a soft opening of sorts.  Although my blog is still a work in progress, I feel a lot more confident than I did on day one and now have the confidence to join the blogosphere party.

Rather than overwhelm you by adding a complete list of links that might quickly be dismissed or forgotten, I’ll debut the links to new blogs or wine related websites through my posts.  This way I can offer some sort of background information on them.  The ones I’ve discovered are great sites, each with their own unique take on the industry and calling attention to each of them is I feel the best way to give them credit for their hard work.  If you follow wine blogs on a daily basis, chances are you may already be familiar with them, so I apologize in advance for the un-original info.


Vinography – To kick things off, here’s the wine blogosphere’s original wine blog.  Vinography is written by Alder Yarrow and is a great source of subjective and objective information on the wine industry.  It covers everything from wine reviews, book reviews, event coverage and Alder’s own “Ramblings and Rants” on just about anything else in the wine business.

Wannabe wino – Wannabe Wino, like my blog, is a wine tasting journal authored by Sonadora.  She does a great job of consistently posting wine reviews on a daily basis.  Her reviews are thoughtful and concise and I always discover new wines on her blog.


The Daily Feed – A photo food blog, complete with witty banter.  The blog authors seem to lack a kitchen at home and do all of their eating at some of the San Francisco Bay area’s tiniest hole in the walls as well as the city’s best dining rooms.  They also cover the endless amounts of culinary events that happen in the bay area.


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