Wine Review – 2006 Anthill Farms Windsor Oaks Syrah, Russian River Valley, California

The bottle from an ant's point of view

The bottle from an ant's point of view

Winery: Anthill Farms Winery

Bottling: 2006 Windsor Oaks Syrah

Region: California

Sub-Region: Russian River Valley, Sonoma

Estimated Retail Price: $25

Purchase Details & Tasting Source: Bought directly from winery through mail.  Paid $25.

Tasting Notes: The first wine I had from Anthill Farms was a 2006 Anderson Valley Comptche Ridge Pinot Noir.  It was an intriguing wine indeed.  You could tell that it was still a young wine, but if you wanted to rob the cradle, it was still o.k. to do so because the tannins were so silky and fine-grained, you couldn’t help but feel that the wine was ready to go.

At the same time though, the fruit was shy, tight, hidden and barely perceptible, it made you wonder what the heck is going on.  Is this one of those “terroir” driven wines?  The Windsor Oaks Syrah was cut from the exact same cloth as the Comptche Ridge Pinot – Drinkable by way of mouth feel, but not yet ready from the flavor stand point.

At first smell, you got the tell tale signs of a Northern Rhone wine.  Violets, freshly cracked black pepper and blueberry were the dominant aromas.  The color was an inky, purplish hue.  In the mouth was a femininely textured wine that was very gentle on the palate.  Blueberry, smoke and spice were the flavors I tasted.  It was a syrah that was crafted by a set of pinot hands.

Despite the closed character of the wine, it was still very layered and complex.  It just wasn’t very expressive.


The back label

Food Pairing & Context in Which to Enjoy: This syrah, like their pinot is so perplexing and complex, I think food would just get in the way of all the things that are going on in your mouth.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the wine on its own.

Winery & Other Background Info: I don’t think I quite understand yet what Anthill wines are all about.  Maybe their wine making philosophy is purposeful  in that they’re crafting them to satisfy the over-zealous, impatient drinkers as well as the connoisseurs.  Or maybe it’s just happenstance that the resulting wines crafted from their wine making results in a product’s dual personality?  Only time will tell and I can’t wait for another year to try what I have from them in my cellar.

In case you need the number to the winery

In case you need the number to the winery


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