Wine Review – 2005 Neyers Old Lakeville Road Syrah, Sonoma Coast, California

Winery: Neyers Vineyardsneyerssyrah

Bottling: 2005 Old Lakeville Road Syrah

Region: California

Sub-Region: Sonoma Coast

Estimated Retail Price: $30 – $33

Purchase Details & Tasting Source: We purchased this by the glass for somewhere between $10 – $12.

Tasting Notes: I was revved when I saw this wine being offered by the glass on the menu this past Friday night.  I don’t make many buying decisions based on scores from Wine Spectator or any other industry reviewers, but the scores this wine has received on the past two vintages have been pretty darn good, considering the price.  Because of this, I’ve had my eye on the wine.

The 2007 vintage recently received 94 points, 2006 93 points, 2005 87 points and the 2004 vintage, 92 points.  All the while , the wine has stayed at $30 bucks a bottle.  Not cheap, but not expensive either if you’re one who builds a cellar based on score to price ratios.  Enough wine score gobbledygook, the wine was fantastic even though this was the vintage with the hiccup in the string of scores.

The nose of leather, spice and wild berries was very appealing.  In the mouth, the wine showed off it’s chewy tannins, but still had a nice flow and mouth feel in each sip.  Intriguing was the underlying mineral and baked earth flavors.  I think there was a touch of baked fig in there as well that added a nice sweet-savory quality to it.  Despite the dominant earthy characteristics, you couldn’t deny the taste of the ripe fruit only the California sunshine can deliver.

This wine already has a couple of years of bottle age on it that I think really served it well.  I tasted it on release when we had our shop and it wasn’t quite there yet.

I’ve been told that not only did the cuttings for the vines in this vineyard come from the northern Rhone, but they came from the the likes of Chave and Clape.  That’s pedigree for you and also explains the old word, new world quality.

Food Pairing and Context in Which to Enjoy: I’d be happy with this wine all on its own to truly appreciate the layers of complexity, but if I had to recommend a food, I’d say a lean cut of beef like a tenderloin, grilled or pan fried.

Winery Background: Not only is Bruce Neyers the proprietor of his namesake winery, but he’s also the National Sales Manager for Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants.

Part of his wine making philosophy at Neyers is formed by his experience with tasting the many wines in Lynch’s portfolio.  Like many of the producers in the portfolio, Bruce farms his home vineyard organically, makes wine without the use of cultured yeast and bottles without fining or filtration.  They also strive to create wines that truly reflect the place from which they came.

Neyers Vineyard wines possess an old-world sensibility that melds beautifully with their modern day California roots.  Its qualities like this that give wines a unique personality and make me more than happy to purchase them.


2 thoughts on “Wine Review – 2005 Neyers Old Lakeville Road Syrah, Sonoma Coast, California

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    • Currently an Mgr. Special at Kroger in some Cincinnati stores (18.99) for the 2005; I was lucky and found one labeled Grenache on the “special” tag. The review is right on with the earthy undertones showing that old world pedigree.

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