Weekly Under $20 Value Wine Pick – 2007 Marquis Philips Baby Roogle Riesling, Australia

Sorry, the bottle is actually black and not

Sorry, the bottle is standard black, and not printed in the jivey pattern depicted here

Winery: R Winery

Importer: Grateful Palate Imports

Bottling: 2007 Marquis Philips Baby Roogle Riesling

Region: Australia

Sub-Region: Western Australia

Estimated Retail Price: $9 – $12

Purchase Details: Leftover inventory form our now defunct store

Tasting Source: Had this during dinner while watching the best show ever, Top Chef Season 4!

Tasting Notes: On the nose are the familiar Aussie riesling aromas of a kind of synthetic, petrol smell; the one case where it’s o.k. to keep sniffing even if it smells like gas.  I’m thinking that the nose is why some people compare Aussie reislings with Alsace.  Tangerine, pineapple, necatarine, peach and various stone fruit are the flavors you get in the mouth.  Fairly dry, although I think there might be a little residual sugar in the wine, as evidenced by the ever so slightly sweet finish.  A little mouth-watering with a pretty decent and lasting finish.

Food and Context in Which to Enjoy: We had this wine with a salad of watercress, romaine, caramelized onions, carrots, cuke and marinated grilled tofu.  The dressing was a slightly tangy and sweet soy-ginger dressing; yes I do dabble in the kitchen every once in awhile.  The wine paired with the salad a lot better than I thought because of the touch of sweetness in the wine.  I wasn’t worried about the acid in the dressing killing the wine, as this was a pretty firm and lively riesling to begin with.  The caramelized onions and the soy based dressing were the present and the riesling was the gift paper that wrapped everything up very nicely.  Although good with food, this is nice on its own.

Winery Background: Just when I thought the entry level Marquis Philips value line of wines couldn’t be beat, Marquis Philips does it again with the Baby Roogle line.   R Winery, headed by the talented wine maker Chris Ringland turns out a slew of flavorful wines at reasonable prices.  The winery does a terrific job of marketing their wines through clever packaging and cool branding.

When we had our retail store, their wines were one of the few exceptions I had as far as making purchasing decisions before tasting the wine.  Consumers including myself, were getting used to great results with the wines.  Any time the winery released a new label, consumers were quick to buy.


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