Wine Review – 2006 DuMol Russian River Valley Syrah, Sonoma, California


Winery: DuMol Winery

Bottling: 2006 DuMol Russian River Valley Syrah

Region: California

Sub-Region: Sonoma

Estimated Retail Price Range: $53 – $60

Purchase Details: Purchased at The Woodland Hills Wine Company in Woodland Hills, California for $53.99

Tasting Source: Had during a New Years celebration with family in California

Tasting Notes: Wow! is how I’ve always reacted to the flavors and not to mention the prices of the few times I’ve had DuMol wines.  I don’t know how, but you can actually smell the smoothness of the fruit in the glass.  Not to be missed are also the tell-tale smells of syrah: tar, smoke and meat.  This syrah in particular blends two characteristics not often found in any other type of grape; polish and wildness – and it works.  Loads of blackberry, plum, dark fruit, smoke, meat, tar, the list goes on.  Super lush and loaded with flavor from beginning to end.  I’d love to see this wine with just a couple of years of bottle age on it to mellow out a little of the tannins and to see what other layers of flavors are lurking.

Food and Context in Which to Enjoy: We had this with a potluck-esque table of food, from lobster and steak to duck pate, fresh fruit and various cheeses.  Not the ideal food and wine pairing situation, but you can’t complain when you have a stylish bottle like this being passed around.  Definitely have it with heavier, but more refined dishes.  Think of more expensive cuts of red meats (rib-eye, new york, wagyu, etc.) grilled or pan seared with some sort of fancy sauce.  No dinner plans?  Don’t fret.  A full glass to celebrate a special occasion like good company and cold weather is all you need.

Winery Background: From what I understand, DuMol purchases and blends fruit from various premium vineyard sites, in and around the Sonoma area to make it’s various bottlings of chardonnay, syrah and viognier.  A component of their winemaking philosophy is to find the best combination of blends from different vineyard sources.  It’s usually in this price range of wines where you begin to see bottles that relfect “single vineyard” sources, but DuMol’s direction is a little different.  I’m not oohed and ahhed by single vineyard stuff more than oany other bottling, so this vineyard blending philosophy is fine avec moi.  Andy Smith is the winemaker and if you haven’t heard of him yet, you need to follow him.  He does fantastic work over at Larkmead Vineyards as well.  Worth checking out indeed.


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