Retail Wine Shop Review – Woodland Hills Wine Company

As mentioned in my previous “Apologies” post, here is a recap of my first couple of experiences at The Woodland Hills Wine Company.

My sister recently moved to the Woodland Hills, CA area, so when I found out we were going to be visiting her for the holidays, I was stoked knowing that a visit to this shop was inevitable.

When we actually found the shop, we realized that it was only about two miles from my sister’s place.  There was tons of parking in the back of the stand alone building.  The actual floor area of the sales floor was probably close to 5,000 feet.  Regions were clearly marked by prominent signs, making navigation in the store a cinch.  Individual wines were priced on the bottle as well as on the racks.  Accompanying industry scores and descriptions were posted as well; always a nice touch.

Their inventory is strong in the areas of southern France, Burgundy, Italy, California, premium Washington reds and premium Australian reds.  They also have a private “cellar” containing older vintages of many California cult wines that I’ll never be able to afford as well as older Burgundies.

The place is impeccably clean and organized for a store with such a large inventory.  Let me tell you, from personal experience, it takes a ton of effort to keep a wine shop organized, so kudos to the folks at Woodland Hills Wine who make it happen.

For under $20 bottles you won’t find a lot, if any mainstream wines.  Most of what I saw under $20 bucks were wines that you probably wouldn’t find at a Costco or your local neighborhood grocery store.  When I come across a selection like this, I always see it as a good sign because there’s probably a good chance that the staff actually tastes each wine.  It’s easy to fill a place with the big brands in the under $20 range, but it takes a lot more effort to find quality things in the under $20 range that are not in the mainstream.

If I remember right, I stumbled upon Woodland Hills Wine Company online, while searching for a wine through, which is a website that allows you to compare wine prices at any U.S. retailer.  It’s a really cool site to help you track down elusive bottles.  You should check it out.

Woodland Hills’ website is very impressive as far as information organization is concerned.  It’s constantly updated with new arrivals, navigation is easy, current inventory levels for each wine are posted and the inventory, let me tell you, the inventory is amazing.  If you’re a big K&L Wine Merchants fan, this company will probably resonate with you on some level.  K&L is a larger operation, but Woodland Hills definitely has that same kind of across the board quality.

Overall, this wine shop is a real treat if you live in the neighborhood or the outlying cities.  If you live farther or even overseas, their online presence makes it possible to enjoy their wares.


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