Many Apologies…

Hello Everyone,

We apologize for not posting anything in the past couple of days.  With all the craziness that’s common during the holiday season and with the trip that we’re currently on, it’s been a little difficult finding the time to blog.

We’re currently in the Woodland Hills area of California, lending a helping hand with my sister and brother-in-law who just had their first child on, hooray!, Christmas day!  Wow, we didn’t expect it.  She was due on the 29th, but the powers that be had other plans.  Must’ve been all the Jenga and Catch Phrase board games we were playing the night before that caused her to pop early.

We’ll be back up and running soon though.  We’re in the hometown of the Woodland Hills Wine Company, which is a pretty stellar retail wine shop we stumbled upon online.  So we’re pretty stoked to actually have a chance to visit this place.  Looks like we’ll be doing a lot of indoor holiday drinking, so I’m sure there’ll be lots of visits to the Woodland Hills Wine Company.

We’ll report back soon.  By the way, happy holidays to everyone and I hope you’re all busting out the good stuff as this year comes to a close.



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