Industry News – White wine as healthy as red wine!


It’s good to see the scientific world constantly undertaking research that proves wine is good for you.  We hear from many different sources on a pretty consistent basis how red wine is good for you, but recent research as cited from a recent article shows that white wine can be just as beneficial as red wine.  Research performed by Dr. Dipak at the University of Connecticut showed that two glasses of white wine per day, given to laboratory rats showed to cause less damage to the rats during a heart attack, than water or grain alcohol.

My question is, how big are these rats?  Unless there’s some human-to-rodent-wine-serving conversion formula I’m not aware of, I’ll assume that the two glasses of wine given to the rats per day were human sized portions.  I can’t imagine that the rats consumed an amount equal to what we would drink on a daily basis.  They might have forgotten to state that the heart attacks suffered by the rats, were due to the sheer volume of liquid they consumed.  Oh well, any research citing the positive effects of wine consumption is good research in my book.

Click here to read the article.

Since substances in the grape skins are what’s responsible for the health benefits, I’m recommending chardonnays.  If there’s any white grape varieties that spend any time on the skins, it’ll be chardonnay.  Here are some toothsome delights even a rodent would love:

Ramey Chardonnay ($38 – $70)- David Ramey makes an appellation series as well as a single vineyard series of chardonnays that are powerful, intricate and most importantly in this case, fleshy.  Check out the winery’s website.

Molnar Family Chardonnay ($22) – All of their wines have a lot of character, but it’s their chardonnay that we really love.  Spice, mineral, acid, oak, it’s all there baby!  Click here for more info.

Heron Chardonnay ($12) – Tremendous value.  Looking for a good house white?  Look no further.  Click here for more info.

On Oahu, most of these wines can be found at Fujioka’s, Tamura’s, The Wine Stop, Vintage Wine Cellar and SWAM.  Call ahead to make sure though or check with your own favorite retail sources if I didn’t mention them.


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