Wine Review – 2005 Two Hands “The Wolf” Riesling, Clare Valley, Australia


I did a double take when I saw this bottle on the shelf.   While I’m only vaguely familiar with this ultra-premium Australian winery, I was aware enough to know there was something amiss with the bottle’s retail shelf price of $10 (closeout? mispriced?).

This wine was so dry, I know what a black Labrador retriever, sticking his head out of a car going 70 on the freeway, with his mouth wide open probably feels like. My impressions:

I always associate wine with fruit, so when a wine doesn’t show it, it’s always a little weird to me. Lime rind is the closest thing to fruit this wine exhibited. Austere, but deceptively complex. Pretty darn concentrated wine. Some mineral, but not a lot. Has that gas, petrol and plastic smell of the interior of the toy bin I had as a child.

You wouldn’t want to use this wine for your typical riesling & food pairing like spicy food or any grub with an asian or indian spice component to it. In my opinion, food with those flavor profiles always do a little better with a riesling that has a tad bit of sweetness or residual sugar left in it. Actually, I’m not sure what I’d pair this with.

Whatever, it was an appealing wine and at 10 bucks, was a score!

Found at Tamura’s on Waialae Ave. on Oahu


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