Kermit Lynch – Why the Grape Crusader digs his wines and why you should seek them out


Warning – This is a long post, so make sure you have about five minutes to read this one

I love wines imported by Kermit Lynch.  Always have, always will and as long as the Lynchster sticks to the methods he’s always used to evaluate wines for import, I will always be a loyal and devoted follower.

Kermit’s wine selection philosophy, whether he articulates it or not, emphasizes overall value and that is one of the main reasons why I’m such a big fan of his wines.  Before I go any further though, I’d like to clarify what I mean by value in the wine world.  Value does not equal cheap in the wine universe, although it’s still a common misconception, because Kermit certainly sells wines in the over $100 range.  Getting the most “bang for your buck” would probably be the best global descriptor and that’s what you get from his wines.   You get an overall combination of flavor, character, affordability and collectibility.  That’s “bang for your buck” my friends.  Please click on the post to read more…


4 thoughts on “Kermit Lynch – Why the Grape Crusader digs his wines and why you should seek them out

    • Hello Holly,
      It’s so nice to hear from you. Thanks for the comments. We miss seeing you and your family at the store as well. Your blog looks great. I’m glad I finally got to see the pomelo tree and that pomelo salad is looking pretty fresh too!

  1. Andre. Thank you so very much for placing Kermit Lynch into my radar. What a wealth of information and his wine descriptions can be downright sumptuous, making me drool in anticipation. Thanks for the quench of palate.

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