Wine Review – 2003 La Baronne Rouge, Languedoc, France

La Baronne Front

From what you can see, the bottle is clearly empty.  We were in a rush to build up the cork collection, so we had to quickly dispose of the tasty liquid residing in the bottle.

With the help of a rising star winemaking consultant in Stefano Chioccioli, the Ligneres Family from the Corbieres AOC region of the Languedoc in southern France, are turning out some really juicy and delectable treats.  This one in particular, the 2003 La Baronne (60% carignan 35% grenache & 5% mourvedre) was a pleasant surprise.

Spicy and delicate like a pinot noir in the first half of the evening, it morphed into a muscular, chewy sort during the latter half.  I should have had a combo plate of falafel and lamb instead of just falafel, because the carignan portion of the wine worked so well with the falafel, before the 5%, but which seemed more like 20% mourvedre, kicked the door in and said hello with a smack to the mouth.

Regardless, it was a great wine, especially at a price point of around $13 bucks.  If you are on Oahu, we bought it at Fujioka’s Wine Times.

Watch for this estate, because they have the right combination of good soils, an excellent winemaker and a desire to take the estate in the right direction.  If you haven’t heard of the Languedoc wine region yet, you should definitely start to pay attention to the wines and estates like the Ligneres family’s in this up and coming area of France.  Click here to link to the estate’s website

La Baronne Back


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