Wine Review – 2005 T-Vine Cellars Petite Sirah, Napa Valley, California

T-Vine Petit Sirah Front

“Oh Mama.”  These are the exact first words in the paragraph describing this wine on T-Vine’s website.  The words couldn’t be more accurate.  This is such a scrumptious wine.  It’s an “I want to stick my face in the glass or pour it all over myself kind of wine.”  Sexy indeed.  Enough with the dirty wine talk, here’s my tasting notes:

Deep, inky, violet hues.  Interesting aroma combination of meat, tar, smoke, boysenberry and blackberry jam and more stuff I can’t put my finger on.  A lot going on, I can’t wait to take a sip.  Whoa, wait a minute.  Deceptively light and elegant.  I thought it was going to be huge.  The wine is dense, compact, slightly chewy and very concentrated, yet it retains an elegance from beginning to end.  Cool burst of sweet fruit and oak on the finish.  It’s nice because the oak is merely one of many components of flavor in the wine and not the overriding one that can sometimes be the case with too many modern day wines.  Lastly, the wine seemed just as fresh three days later, after being stored in the refrigerator.

We tried this wine about 8 months ago and it wasn’t quite ready yet, but it’s good to go now.  I think it will hold well for a couple of years too, but why wait?  It’s freshness of fruit is what gives this wine its charm.

Winemaker Greg Brown seems like a groovy wine guy.  Check out a couple of articles written on him from and a blog on Foodbuzz.

This was from our personal collection, but if you’re on Oahu, you can find it on retail shelves at Fujioka’s Wine Times (appx. $45).  Elsewhere, you’ll probably find it mostly in smaller boutique wine shops.  If you shop online, I know that California based retailers like San Francisco Wine Trading Company and K&L Wine Merchants sell their wares year in, year out.


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