Wine Review – 2006 Ant Hill Farms Winery “Comptche Ridge” Pinot Noir, Mendocino, California

Ant Hill in glass

First off, thanks everyone for reading my posts on the individual wine reviews.  I realize that they are a little long-winded, so I’ll do my best to keep them succinct going forward.  I’m still new to this blogging thing, so I do appreciate your patience in allowing me to feel my way through these daily posts.

The post about the German pinot noir that I got as a gift from a friend was only two days ago, but I was already excited to try the new bottle he gave me.  I was ready to give him $ for the wine since I inquired about it, but he kindly offered it to me for free, with payment being in the form of the satisfaction he would derive from turning me on to a new wine.  I’ll take it!

Ant Hill Farms Winery pinot noir is the subject of our chitchat today.  What a wine!  This fantabulous pinot is from up and coming Mendocino County, California.  Here are my abbreviated notes:

Beautiful color; On the palate, the fruit was compact, dense and a little closed, but it was all there.  Looks like it needs some time in the cellar; a firm core, but a really supple outer shell.  Soft texture leads you to believe the wine is ready to drink, but the shy fruit says “give me some time”  I like wines that throw you a curve ball.  Very earthy for the modern day California pinot.

As an aside, I love cool graphic labels on a wine.  I personally believe that it’s important to represent your product well not only in the bottle, but also in the packaging.

The winery is run by three former employees of Williams Seylem Winery, so I gotta think they have some idea of what they’re doing.  Seek this one out.  Here’s their website:  Ant Hill Farms Winery

Ant Hill Label 2


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